How To Survive And Enjoy A Long Layover

There are many reasons we travel – whether it be for business, vacation, or to see family and friends in other cities, and while the reason we are traveling may be exciting, usually the travel experience itself is not. Traveling can be stressful and exhausting, and many times to get the best deal possible on your flight you must accept being stuck with a layover. A layover isn’t always a bad thing as it gives you a chance to relax between your flights, but if your layover is an extended layover of many hours it can be inconvenient and lead to extreme boredom. But an extended layover doesn’t have to be either inconvenient or boring if you know how to make the most of it. Here’s how you can take advantage of an extended layover and enjoy it:

Prepare In Advance

If you are going to have an extended layover during your next flight it is time to start planning now. Research the city you will have your layover at to see what the local area has available, then contact the local luxury transportation service to see what options they have available to help you during your extended layover. If your extended layover will be at Tampa International Airport (TIA) or St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, be sure to contact Affari Transportation to make plans to maximize the time you are gaining with your extended layover. If you know you will be having an extended layover you may also want to try to travel lightly and bring as little luggage as possible with you on your trip. If you do have luggage that is going to be checked, see if you can check your bags at the beginning of your layover with the airport so you won’t be tied down with heavy luggage during your layover.

Go On An Adventure

If you are experiencing an extended layover at Tampa International Airport (TIA) or St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport you sure are in luck. The Tampa Bay area has so much to offer from sandy beaches, restaurants, tours, entertainment, and so much more. Affari Transportation has many city, site, and even brew tours to choose from to help you enjoy the time you have been given during your extended layover. When you book with Affari Transportation the experience is always completely customizable, so your options are as limited as your own imagination.

Get Local Input

You may have researched the city you will have an extended layover in and determined that there’s a great site you would like to go visit, but you don’t know what the local traffic conditions are like and whether it will be feasible to make the trip during your layover time. When you book your transportation services with Affari Transportation, our professional chauffeurs know the local area well, and we are happy to provide our input on what activities to try and what ones you should skip given the amount of time you have available.

Enjoy Yourself

While an extended layover can be frustrating because you just want to get to your destination as soon as possible, remember that having the opportunity to travel is both a luxury and a privilege. Be grateful for the opportunity you have not only to travel to your planned destination, but also to have the chance to briefly explore another city or area. Use Affari Transportation to make the most of your trip and enjoy every minute of your extended layover at Tampa International Airport (TIA) or St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport.

Contact Affari Transportation today to discuss how we can help you survive and enjoy your next extended layover in the Tampa Bay area. We are the leader in luxury transportation services throughout Tampa Bay and surrounding areas and we conveniently pick up and drop off to both Tampa International Airport (TIA) and St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. We will help you enjoy the extra time you are gaining during your layover and ensure you are back at the airport on time to catch your connecting flight.