What Requirements Does A Driver Need To Meet To Become A Chauffeur?

While riding in a limousine is a fun and exciting experience, being the driver of the limousine can also be equally as fun and exciting. A professional chauffeur gets the benefit of riding in luxury every day while transporting different clients to their destinations. In one week, a chauffeur could be driving a couple getting married, a business executive, a group of people to a party, a celebrity, and so much more. The possibilities are just about endless when you are a professional chauffeur. But have you ever wondered what requirements a driver has to meet to become a chauffeur?


The first thing you need to know is requirements vary by state. In the state of Florida, a driver wanting to become a chauffeur is required to obtain a Class C Commercial Driver’s License, also known as a CDL. To qualify for a CDL, a driver must:

  • Meet basic requirements
  • Pass a general knowledge test
  • Pass a road test

Holding a Class C CDL will allow a driver to operate a commercial vehicle that can hold more than 15 people and weighs less than 26,000 pounds, such as a limousine.

Florida’s Basic Requirements

There are several basic requirements a person must meet before they can apply for a Class C CDL in the state of Florida. These basic requirements include:

  • The driver must be a Florida resident
  • The driver must present proof of a valid Social Security number
  • The driver must be at least 18 years old to drive within the state (intrastate) and at least 21 years old to drive from one state to another (interstate)
  • The driver must pass an eye exam
  • The driver must surrender any other licenses they were previously granted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or any other state Department of Motor Vehicles. Additionally, the driver’s current driver’s license cannot be suspended, revoked, or canceled.

Once these state requirements have been met and an individuals qualifies for a position as a chauffeur, there are private chauffeur training classes that are available to help a driver hone their skills behind the wheel and meet the expectations that are made of chauffeur drivers. While this formal training is not required, it can be beneficial to obtain a position as a hired driver, especially for car service companies. Regardless of a chauffeurs training, most hired car services provide on-the-job training to ensure the new employee is up to their standards of driving success.

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